Oops… I did it again!

I couldn’t help myself. I saw a window. I was talking with other pilgrims who were all planning and booking and sorting and I got caught up in the moment. At first I just looked at flights. And then I booked a flight. And before I knew it I was going to Spain for a week in June.

I’m planning to walk the Camino Inglés, also known as The English Way, which for me will start on the northern coast of Spain in Ferrol. With it’s roots in the 12th Century, it served as the main access route to Santiago for pilgrims coming from England, Scotland, Ireland and other Nordic countries. Pilgrims walked from their homes to the coast where they made a sea crossing to Spain, and once they arrived, they followed this path to Santiago.

This is a short route; only 119km and it’s quiet… although maybe not so quiet in June. It has a mixture of terrain from the seaside and coastal views to the more traditional galician countryside (along with a bit of urban walking). From Miño the route promises to be rural, mountainous and a territory, sprinkled with small villages dedicated to both livestock and agriculture. Whilst it maybe short, it’s not the easiest of walks and there are plenty of ups and downs.

To be fair this has been in the back of my mind for some time. I have been watching that little window in my diary for a while. Maggie, my walking buddy from the Via de la Plata, will be in Santiago in June and I know by spring I will be itching to go walking. I only had this week; there are no other windows free. Today I found a flight from Bordeaux to A Coruna and a return from Santiago back to Bordeaux. The times fitted as did the cost. There was nothing for it but to give in and book. If that window closes… well c’est la vie! I will have lost the cost of the flight… but for now I’m keeping everything crossed that come the 2nd of June I’ll be on my way to Spain!  I’m going to call it a training session for the Madrid/San Salvador/Primitivo in the autumn!


7 thoughts on “Oops… I did it again!

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  2. Oh you cheeky thing, Colleen. Good on you. I’m still ruminating on May caminos – Madrid and Lenante from Toledo. I have also just completed my hospitalero training in Sydney so obviously more trips to Spain will be planned. Hope we can coordinate some time. Cheers and good on you, Grace


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