Chapter & Verse

You all know me… I like to write about my adventures. I love to share the news and events that shape my camino. This year I had such plans. A short walk on the Camino Frances with another small group of walkers from France. The Camino Ingles in May… postponed twice last year so I was hoping it would be third time lucky! A walk with Gerry in June and then back to Portugal in the Autumn. Oh what plans. And now of course they may all remain just that… plans. Postponed.

But I’m well and safe in France. Our loved ones and friends are safe and well and that is all that matters right now. The things that we have taken for granted for so long are all precariously balanced as the world unites to fight this unseen terror.

A few weeks ago I had an idea and now that I’m at home in isolation I thought it might be a good time to turn it into reality.

I’d love to compile a book of stories from pilgrims walking to Santiago; I’m going to call it Chapter and Verse.   

There are a few events that I can clearly recall from many of my caminos and often these events aren’t necessarily anything amazing.  The night we shared our favourite funniest youtube vidoes with other pilgrims in the albuergue and we laughed until salty tears ran down our faces.  Or the very quick stop at the worst bar ever bar on any camino and the plague of flying ants we met when we left.  Or the beautiful mass that brought tears to my eyes and evoked memories of days gone by.  Or my Camino Buddy hiding behind bins as she waited for stampeding cows… learning about Thin Spaces, meeting people with life altering stories or just standing in the mountains and seeing nature at it’s very best and realising how beautiful our world is… I could go on but you get the idea.  Every pilgrim will have a story.

I am asking pilgrims to share those stories and anecdotes with me.  It can be anything, something spiritual, something funny, or bizarre, or peaceful, or a camino angel, or the opposite, a night of snoring or illness or cold or a storm, a great meal, a coincidence… anything… we all have standout stories and moments that we can recall.

I’ve made a little website that I hope explains everything and can be shared

I plan to compile stories in location order along the towns and villages of the camino. As you read we’ll move closer to Santiago. Your tales can be from any camino.


I would love to hear from you. I simply need :

  • your first name
  • the camino you walked
  • the location (roughly) where your story happened
  • and of course your story

I am so excited to start this project and I can’t wait to read your stories


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