Coming to Spain… The Sequel

Our week in the Cantal was a good opportunity to test my kit, and it has resulted in some changes to my pack.  I hope I’ve made the right choices as time is fast running out and come what may, these items are coming with me.


Finding the right footwear has been a frustrating process.  I don’t have access to the shoes that I’d like to try, so I can only go the mail order route.  Once purchased, it’s all but impossible to really know how they feel on a hike… Without going on a hike…  And once you’ve taken the shoes on a hike… They can’t be returned.

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Coming to Spain with me?

This is my third camino and you would think that I had my pack and it’s contents sorted by now.  Sadly experience just seems to bring more choice and more confusion and as a result I have made a number of adjustments to my pack this year.

France is a nation of walkers so it it should be easy to buy equipment… but it’s not.  I’m tall for a girl (176cm) and I have a size 41/42 foot which is very wide (3E).  I find that shoes for women stop at 41 so I buy most of my shoes online.  Wide fitting is also not a normal  option so for walking shoes I have no choice than to buy online; and I generally buy men’s.  It’s an expensive and frustrating process!

If I want long length trousers then I also need to buy online although tops and t-shirts are easily and cheaply available.   I love my adopted home; France is a beautiful, fabulous place to live but shopping for the camino isn’t so easy (or should I say I haven’t found it easy).

Anyway, here’s what I think I’m taking to Spain… it all weights 7.7kg

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