We woke as pilgrims


With the car parked up for the night in the car park by the river, we walked back to the albergue and pilgrim mode.  We went in search of dinner and then  in search of a bar… both are found with relative ease and much fun was had by all.

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Four… Four… Four…

WE ARE IN BURGOS!  And the counter has dropped down to 489 km to go. It  just seems surreal that I’m here because it was here last year that the seed of this trip was planted.

So anyway to catch up… I was booked into a great private albergue in Villafranca but none of my friends appeared and I wondered if they had all bottled the 27km. To be sure I wandered back into town to the municipal albergue… And there they were!   So, I hauled my bum back up the hill to collect my stuff and I grabbed a bottom bunk with the rest of the gang. Then we all hauled our bums back up the hill again because the pilgrims menu in the posh hotel was far too good to miss!


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