Los Arcos… again!


Los Arcos in 2014

So I made it to Estella and I remember it well from last year… or maybe not!  There’s a whole part of town I didn’t see before! Continue reading

What kind of plant is that?

Last night our little gang shared a great dinner and a lot of wine, but no wine for me of course!

The albergue was first class, indeed  fabulous except… the beds were sh*t. A thin mattress literally on top of a sheet of mdf, which in turn was on itop of the springs. But the springs were totally pointless because all we felt was the mdf.

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You are what you eat!

I didn’t sleep well again last night.  I was really tired but restless.   I shared a room with 11 others including Hogni and five french ladies travelling together in a group.   They are all lovely but they kind of exploded their gear  everwhere and also closed all the windows and turned the heating up. I was hot and needed to go to the loo, but in the darkness I was afraid I would trip over all their stuff. So I lay there trying to convince myself I could sleep.

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