Hold the Squid

We had a great stop over in Naverette and after an afternoon in the bar we joined everyone else for the pilgrims menu.  Gerry went with Hot Garlic soup which looked and smelled fabulous.  I on the other hand was swayed by the host, who said the special was wonderful… stuffed peppers in squid ink.

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There was this bottle…

log1Gerry joined me at the Hotel in Logrono.  He actually bumped into Maggie in reception first before joining me.  But there he was, in his camino gear with his camino rucksack and he was actually going to walk with me!  We headed off into town to see who was around and we found everyone under the shade of a huge chestnut tree enjoying a few beers.

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Gerry’s on the Camino

log15There is a theme emerging here, I think I’ve joined the party crowd on the camino!  We ate in the main square in Los Arcos and Tony kept us all laughing with his funny stories of his days in the Dutch army. I really like Tony and Lianne… they are just good eggs, if you know what I mean.  And Tony, he can tell a very very good story!  However, I left the dutch and irish contingent and decided on an early tonight, they were off in search of a late night beer and I was tired… bah humbug!

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