International Women

Very few things leave me speechless but an email from a very nice lady I know did manage it…

I am writing to you on behalf of the NEDWA Committee to see if you would be our guest speaker at an event scheduled for Monday 9 March to celebrate International Womens Day (IWD).  We want an inspirational woman as the guest speaker and everyone of us considers your camino walk (and, indeed, the reasons behind it) are truly inspirational besides being of immense interest, plus, we have in you, the added bonus of such an inspirational woman being a NEDWA member!

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6 Minute Camino

Hello you lovely people.  I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet… I’m trying to get my head around behing home and not walking.  It’s great to be home but crikey I miss so many things… the journey home was surreal… I keep trying to write about it… but for now you’ll have to make do with a 6 minute video.

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