10. Odeciexe – Vila Nova de Milfontes

We didn’t sleep well last night.  The bed was even harder than we first thought and the pillow even lumpier.  Some of my foam lumps fell out from my broken pillow and I don’t know which was worse… more lumps or less pillow.

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Every Cloud…

8. Vila Nova de Milfontes – Almograve – Zambujeira do Mar

We hired a car.

My leg is getting better but there is still sign of infection. I have at least another two days at the clinic and certainly no walking or swimming until after my Monday appointment at the earliest. Continue reading

No News…

7. Vila Nova de Milfontes

We didn’t do a great deal yesterday. We mooched around the old town and the beach area before being able to check into our hotel… which is a lovely little place with very very comfortable beds! It’s called the Mil Reis and in a great location in the old town. We asked if we could stay an extra night because we know we have to revisit the doctor tomorrow.

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